Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Lake Charles, Louisiana, And Statewide

Recognized Leaders In Criminal Defense

Vamvoras Schwartzberg & Antoon, LLC is a respected leader in the area of criminal defense in Louisiana and statewide. With extensive experience defending clients against charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, our criminal defense attorneys have handled virtually every type of criminal charge. We have appeared in national media, including TV programs such as 48 Hours on CBS. Visit our In the News page to learn more about our firm.

Extensive Experience In Federal Courts

We are known for our extensive experience and our track record of defending clients charged with serious federal offenses, including conspiracy drug charges, casino crimes, immigration offenses, Internet sex crimes and violent crimes. However, we do not turn anyone away. Our lawyers accept all levels of cases to defend, from city courts to municipal courts, state district courts, and federal courts; we provide aggressive representation to all individuals facing criminal charges and fight to protect all clients’ constitutional rights.

Defense For All Criminal Charges — Violent Crimes, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes — Contact Our Attorneys

Contact us for a strong defense in any criminal charge, including:

  • Violent crimes, including assault, battery, murder/homicide and manslaughter
  • Cyber crimes and Internet sex crimes, including downloading, sharing, selling or distributing child pornography, solicitation of a child on the Internet, online identity theft and online credit card fraud
  • Other sex crimes, including rape/sexual assault, prostitution, solicitation, statutory rape, child sexual abuse/molestation, child pornography and other sex offenses
  • Drugs and DWI, including charges such as drug possession, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution and trafficking, and all types of drunk driving charges
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud, bribery and racketeering
  • Theft crimes and arson, including robbery, burglary, identity theft and arson
  • Juvenile offenses: We represent young people in juvenile court.
  • Casino crimes, including player cheating, and casino employee cheating and fraud
  • Tribal court: We are licensed to represent clients in the tribal court of the Coushatta Tribe in Louisiana.
  • Criminal appeals: We provide clients with appellate court criminal defense representation in Louisiana and at the federal level.

Defense For Out-Of-State Clients

We have many out-of-state clients who have been charged with crimes while visiting or passing through Louisiana. When possible, we represent our clients without them having to return to Louisiana for court.

When facing criminal charges, it is critically important to contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We will immediately go to work, making sure your rights are protected, investigating the details and crafting a solid case aimed at obtaining optimal results. Call 337-433-1621 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation. From our offices in Lake Charles, our criminal defense attorneys serve clients in Louisiana and statewide.